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Our Cheese Guild is made up of a volunteer Board, a volunteer director and many (future!) members. We are cheesemakers as well as mongers, retailers and distributors and we are commited to seeing artisan cheesemakers of the region grow and succeed. We consider the Southeast to be the next cheese “hot spot” for the U.S.!

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Rachel @ Orrman’s Cheese

Rachel Klebaur is owner and head cheesemonger at Orrman's Cheese Shop in Charlotte, NC. She started her career at Murray's Cheese in NYC. Since then, she has worked for the past 15 years as a cheesemonger, buyer and importer. She has a seasoned perspective of the landscape of cheese production in the United States and works to build relationships with cheesemakers in order to more deeply understand cheesemaking and to bring that information to the consumer.  Most recently she earned the American Cheese Society's certification of Certified Cheese Sensory Evaluator.

Alexander @ Chapel Hill Creamery

Alexander is the creamery director at Chapel Hill Creamery and owner of Ul's Raclette, both based Chapel Hill, NC. He is a cheese enthusiast who loves the quality, diversity and energy of Southern cheese makers. The Southern landscape is unique, broad and filled with a lot of challenges.  Along with making award winning cheeses at Chapel Hill Creamery & Goat Lady Dairy, Alexander volunteers with the American Cheese Society, is a recipient of the John Crompton Scholarship and is a Certified Cheese Professional. He has worked behind the counter at Neals Yard Dairy, Saxelby's Cheese and Bedford Cheese Company.  

Jessica @ Sweet Grass Dairy

Jessica Little grew up on her parents’ dairy farm in Brooks County, Georgia where she participated in 4-H and cleaned her share of water troughs over summer vacations. After swearing to never live in south Georgia, she moved right back receiving a degree in business administration. Along the way, she fell in love with the hospitality industry and future husband, Jeremy, who in turn fell in love with the artisan cheese business. After working at Sweet Grass Dairy for three years, Jessica and Jeremy were given the opportunity to purchase the business in 2005 and have since won over 30 national and international awards.

Tyler @ Hobo Cheese Co.

Tyler Davis is owner & cheesemaker at Hobo Cheese Co., located in Oxford, GA. As a native to the Southeast, growing up just outside of Atlanta, he is passionate and committed to the future of artisan cheese making in the Southeast. Tyler got his start in cheese making studying under Peter Dixon, eventually completing an apprenticeship at Parish Hill Creamery. Prior to opening his own company he was Head Cheese Maker at Caromont Farm in Virginia, and also headed the development and launch of a nearby farmstead creamery, Rock House Creamery in Newborn, GA. 

Kathleen @ The Bloomy Rind

Kathleen Cotter moved to Nashville from Atlanta in 1989 to attend Vanderbilt. She worked in human resources before following her bliss studying cheese and cheese making. She launched The Bloomy Rind in 2010, selling first at the Farmer’s Market before opening shop in 2011. Prior to that, she created and debuted the Southern Artisan Cheese Festival, which is now in its sixth year, Kathleen is passionate about expanding her educational offerings for those who want to learn more about cheese.


Louella @ Ballerino Creamery

Louella Hill serves as chief organizer of the revived Southern Cheese Guild. Her passion for cheese runs deep. She co-found Rhode Island’s Narragansett Creamery, has taught cheesemaking classes across the U.S. (known as “The Milk Maid”) and wrote a book on home-scale cheesemaking (Kitchen Creamery). She lives in the Shenandoah Valley and is slowly putting together a new tiny creamery in a very old dairy building.


Tim @ In-Demand Cheese

Tim “The Cheese Man” Gaddis was “Atlanta’s Cheesemonger” at Star Provisions for over a decade when he became Director of Operations for Many Fold Farm in 2014. Tim was responsible for overseeing sales and marketing, affinage, daily operations and inventory of the creamery as well as retail sales from the on-farm store. In 2017 Tim started In Demand Cheese & Specialty, a sales and marketing consulting firm for small artisan producers. An active member of the American Cheese Society, Tim has served as a judge for the Competition several times. He’s a Certified Cheese Professional and in 2014 was inducted into The Guilde Internationale des Fromagers. He sits on the ACS Board of Directors and serves on the Certified Cheese Professional Exam Committee.

Padgett @ Sequatchie Cove

Padgett Arnold is co-owner and director of sales & customer relations at Sequatchie Cove Creamery along with her husband, cheesemaker Nathan Arnold. She and Nathan founded the Creamery in partnership with Sequatchie Cove Farm in 2010, where they began making raw cow's milk cheeses inspired by the traditional Alpine styles of Europe, with a new vision to capture the character and flavors unique to their particular part of Tennessee. Her goal is to create a thriving agricultural enterprise founded on ethically crafted food with utmost respect for farmland, natural resources and the humans & animals behind the products.


Lauren @ Sequatchie Cove

Lauren Ateca manages communications for the Southern Cheese Guild (in addition to her work at Sequatchie Cove Creamery in East Tennessee). She was first bitten by the “cheese mite” while working as a cheesemonger in college. Her passion is to build community, whether it’s through social media, farmers markets, or presenting at schools. Lauren loves the cheese industry’s community of passionate, collaborative, cheese-loving people.